Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil
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  • Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil From the Finest Mature Coconuts
  • Cold Pressed At Controlled Temperatures For High Antioxidant & 50% Lauric Acid Content
  • Wonderful for Cooking, Baking, Smoothies, "bulletproof" Coffee and Breakfast Bars
  • Beautifully Smooth for Skin and Hair, Great Pure Natural Baby Oil
  • Certified Organic by the SCOTTISH ORGANIC PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION (SOPA), Also Sold in Great Value Twin and Triple Packs with our Other Best Selling Coconut Oils, Please See Our Other Listings

RealFoodSource best selling cold pressed coconut oil is light and silky with a natural aroma and taste of the finest fresh coconuts. It is quite simply a fantastic cold pressed virgin oil that is wonderful for cooking and baking as well as for your hair and skin. Unlike many cheap coconut oils this is non-bleached, non-deodorised, non-hydrogenated, and not heat treated. It is also non GM. You really can tell the difference in cold pressed oils. This oil is produced from the finest freshly picked mature coconuts. These coconut trees are not treated with chemicals and are certified organic to EU standards by the Scottish Organic Producers Association. The nuts are harvested by hand and brought to an oil mill. There, the fresh coconut meat is grated and then dried at control- led temperatures. Afterwards the white meat is made to pass through a cold process expeller at controlled temperatures. The oil is then filtered which results in a crystal clear coconut oil that retains the distinct scent and taste of coconuts. Laboratory tests show that this is a very high quality coconut oil, with the lauric acid content being around 50%. Virgin Coconut Oil will solidify under 26 degrees Celsius and is therefore a solid most of the year. Packed in HDPE containers it is ideal for the bath or shower or kitchen cupboard. We also use this oil in lots of dairy free recipes as a replacement for butter and it works very well as a healthy oil to bake with. It also makes for a wonderful pure natural baby oil.  

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