Nutribullet 12 Piece Set

Nutribullet 12 Piece Set
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Nutribullet completely breaks down your food, liquefying and mixing together all the essential nutrition. The secret of the Nutribullet is its powerful 600 watt motor combined with bullet cyclonic action that forces everything through the turbo extractor blades; turning at up to an incredible twenty thousand RPM to break down and pulverize the stems seeds and skins where some of the usually neglected essential nutrition lies. To help give you the strength, energy and vitality for a full active life whatever your age. Key Benefits and Features Unlike everyday juicers and blenders, the Nutribullet completely breaks down ingredients into a delicious smoothie. It bursts open seeds, cracks through stems, and shreds tough skins to get the most out of your fruit and vegetables. The Super powerful 600w motor and cyclone technology produces a better, smoother smoothie without all the pulp and bits that you get left over by a regular juicer/blender. Comes with the Pocket Nutritionist and Cook Book so you can start a healthy diet straight away. Included - 1 x Power Base, 1 x Emulsifier Blade, 1 x Flat Blade, 1 x Tall Cup, 1 x Short Cup, 1 x Lip Ring With Handle, 1 x Solid Ring, 1 x Standard Lip Ring, 1 x Party Mug With Handle, 1 x User Manual And Cook Book, 1 x Pocket Nutritionist and 1 x Quick Start Guide.

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